Dog Bath Towel & Robe

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Bath Towel and Dog Bathrobe
Easy to put on and take off
Built-in elastics & fasteners make the drying coat so easy to put on. It will stay in place until your dog is completely dry.

The fastest & easiest way to dry your dog
This microfiber coat is the easiest and most effective way to quickly remove mud, wetness, sand, and grime from your dogs after they've been adventuring outside!

Our pet bathrobe is made of high-quality microfibers that absorb more water than a standard towel, giving you more time to care for or play with them after a good bath, shower, or rainy day walk. It has a comfortable adjustable lace design around the waist, making it easy to put on and take off. It can be machine cleaned and tumble-dried, air-dried, or sun-dried.


Absorbent: Dog bathrobe towels are made of highly absorbent materials, such as microfiber or cotton, to help dry your dog quickly and efficiently after a bath or swim.

Soft and gentle: They are designed to be gentle on your dog's skin, with a soft and plush texture that won't scratch or irritate.

Hooded: Many dog bathrobe towels come with a hood that fits over your dog's head to help dry their ears and face, as well as keep them warm.

Adjustable: They often have adjustable straps or belts to help keep the towel securely in place while your dog dries off.

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