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This electric smart collar for kittens is a great way to keep your furry friend entertained and exercised. The LED lights and fun patterns will keep your cat amused, while the adjustable collar ensures a comfortable fit. The USB rechargeable battery means you don't have to keep replacing alkaline batteries, and the micro-USB charging port is easy to use. The quality TPU material is durable and safe for your cat to wear.

Hands-free Cat Toy
The ray of light is integrated into the collar to keep the ray point in front of cats at all times, whether they're jumping or running. Cats are always attracted to chase them, making it ideal for anyone who works from home and needs time to focus or relax.

USB Rechargeable Battery
Compared to replacing alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries with micro-USB charging ports are more convenient and eco-friendly. Cats can play for nearly 5 hours on a single charge of 1 hour with this rechargeable collar toy.

Suitable and Comfortable for Cats
The adjustable collar length of 200-310mm (8-12 inches) and 45-degree flexible light pointer head ensure that it suits most cat sizes. At only 1 oz, it's light enough for cats to wear even when pursuing.

Quality Material
The interactive cat collar is made of selected TPU material, which is harmless for cats or other pets. A lightweight collar is comfortable to wear on the neck of kittens.

Electric stimulation: The collar may provide a small electric shock or vibration to the kitten when it tries to scratch furniture or jump on countertops. This helps train the kitten to avoid certain behaviors and can be an effective tool for discouraging bad habits.

Smart technology: The collar may be equipped with smart technology that allows it to track the kitten's movements and activity levels. This information can be used to monitor the kitten's health and behavior patterns.

Amusing features: The collar may also have amusing features such as LED lights or sound effects that can capture the kitten's attention and provide entertainment.

Safety features: The collar may have safety features such as a breakaway buckle or reflective material to help keep the kitten safe and visible.

Comfortable and adjustable: The collar should be comfortable for the kitten to wear and adjustable to ensure a proper fit as the kitten grows.

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