Magic Cat Scratch Organ Board

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Magic Cat Scratch Organ Board

No more shredded sofas and cushions with this foldable cat scratching toy!

A unique cat clawing toy

featuring thickened corrugated paper with a built-in jiggling ball. Allowing your felines to scratch and play at the same time to satisfy their instinctual behavior without the need to sacrifice your furniture. Saving your carpets, couches, cushions, walls, household items, and even your skin from their little sharp claws. This magic scratching board can be connected together and stretched at will which effectively increases their fun area. Suitable for senior cats, kittens, regular scratcher felines, and your hyperactive ones. 

Multifunctional Toy 

This multifunctional toy also helps your precious tabby to relieve stress and keep their claws healthy and manicured at all times. Additionally, it allows them to increase their exercise activities by running and hunting their ‘prey’ ball around the board. The fun grinding toy is designed to feel great under your kitten’s paws to ensure safety and avoid its claws from getting stuck. It also has an excellent high-pressure bonding and scratch-wear resistance performance making it perfect for daily wear and tear.    
Satisfy your kitties' urge to scratch while still keeping your furniture intact and home mess-free using this foldable cat scratching toy!


Multi-Purpose Use
A uniquely designed honeycomb encrypted corrugated paper scratching board with a built-in jiggling ball toy. It can be freely connected and stretched at will without getting damaged for your lovely felines to play at. Allowing them to scratch, claw and even have fun stealing the rolling ball. Additionally, it can also serve as a resting place where your kittens can relax or sleep after a long play.   
Excellent Benefits
This scratching board toy helps your precious kittens to unleash and satisfy their clawing instinct which allows them to relieve stress. It lets them have regular good grooming behavior and keep their claws healthy and manicured. Moreover, the scratch grinding board also increases their exercise activities as they ‘‘hunt and prey’’ for the playing ball inside. 
Protected Furniture
It’s not only healthy and enjoyable for your pet, but it also helps to keep their little sharp claws away from your fine furniture. Providing them with a fun scratching area that can drastically reduce damage at your home. Saving your carpets, couches, cushions, walls, and other items from nasty scratches and damages. Furthermore, it will also prevent them from injuring you and your family members. 
Safe to Use
The clawing corrugated paper board is comfortable and is constructed to feel great under the paws of your furry friend. It does not contain any toxic chemicals or sharp surfaces that might cut or harm your cat. It’s specifically designed for your precious tabby to play and scratch so it ensures that no claws will get caught and snap in the material. Suitable for senior cats, kittens, regular scratcher felines, and your hyperactive ones.

Premium Material
Made of quality, thickened corrugated paper with impressive high-pressure bonding and scratch-wear resistance. It is completely odorless so it won’t cause discomfort to your cat's scent-sensitive nose. This claw-grinding toy does not deform or break easily which makes it perfect for everyday wear and tear.

Magic: This indicates that the board possesses supernatural abilities or powers that are beyond the understanding of the natural world. It might be able to perform mysterious and unexplainable actions, such as summoning spirits or casting spells.

Cat Scratch: This might indicate that the board has some kind of connection with cats, either because it was created by them, or because it can attract them. It could also suggest that the board is used to scratch or mark surfaces in some way.

Organ: This suggests that the board is a musical instrument that produces sound through the use of pipes or other mechanisms, such as an organ. The sound produced might be used to enhance the magical properties of the board or to create a certain atmosphere.

Board: This indicates that the instrument is a flat and rectangular object that can be placed on a surface or held in the hands. It might be made of various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic, and have markings or symbols engraved or painted on it.

Scratchy sound: As the board's name suggests that there could be a scratchy sound that comes out of the board when played. It might sound similar to the sound produced by scratching a chalkboard, or it might be more melodious depending on the purpose of the board.

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