Professional LED Pet Nail Clipper

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What is the bad effect if not cutting pets' nails for a long time?
Overlong nails will affect bone growth, causes the toe joints to gradually twist and deform, pets will fail to walk normally.
When you or your children play with dogs or cats, will be scratched and hurt by their long nails easily.
Nails are easily embedded in the skin and flesh of the toes and continue to grow, which easily leading to inflammation.
If the dog's nails are too long, they will feel very uncomfortable and may keep digging the ground or furniture to relieve, so become more destructive.

【LED Lights Avoid Over-Cuttling】The LED lights can help find the bloodline of dog's or cat's nails, reduce the risk of injury due to excess trimming. Grooming your pets at home easily.
【Razor Sharp Blade】The dog nail clipper are made of high quality stainless steel sharp blades, enable cutting off nails effortless.

Product Description:
Material: Plastic
Size: 4inch/2inch

Product features
1. Bright LED light to illuminate the blood line, ultraviolet light detection of cat moss, dual care for skin health, clear at a glance
2 , Innovative design adds ultraviolet light, professional purple light detection main wavelength is 0inch-0inch, stronger penetrating power, does not hurt your pet's eyes and skin
3. Illuminates blood lines, does not hurt nails, bright LED lights, blood lines are clearly visible, avoid trimming Many, love pets to avoid the pain of shearing
4. Calcining and quenching of refined steel, ring-shaped incision, fitting cat nails with high-quality stainless steel, multiple calcining and quenching processes
5. Comfortable and convenient, it is more suitable to master the streamline shape Grip, ergonomics
6. High-quality ABS+TPE material, exquisite non-slip, intimate details, trimming effortlessly assist Q tail finger hook, trimming is more lab

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