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 Indoor cats are the most playful and emotional creatures besides being the most adorable ones. But they need daily play and exercise time. Our active rolling ball is the best teaser they need. This auto-rolling ball cat toy will prevent boredom keeping your sweety active and running.

Thoughtful Design: Silicone covers the surface of the cat ball. Its soft-touch makes cats feel comfortable to play with. Besides, the LED lights will on when the ball operating, which can attach the cat's attention. The tiny size won't scare your kitty.

Smart Interactive Toy: Cat ball has 3 modes: active mode, normal mode, and gentle mode. When the cat ball is turned on, it will automatically move, shake or bounce, attracting cats to chase and capture it, no need to control it via the app. You can switch among three modes to fit different plays of timid or active cats.

Automatical Obstacle Avoidance Function: With a built-in intelligent motion sensor and automatic obstacle avoidance system, Ball will reverse itself and move away when it hits an obstacle or tight spots. So there is no need to worry about the cat toy ball getting stuck in the corner.

Keep Your Cat Busy: Perfect for your cats to play! The ball toy will attract your cats to be busy for catch and chasing all day. It's a great way to help your cat get exercise helps to keep cats physically fit and mentally active, and eliminate of boredom and pet depression.


Motion and Movement: Smart Motion Cat Toys utilize various mechanisms to create enticing movements that mimic prey, such as birds, insects, or mice. They often have motors or automated components that generate erratic or unpredictable patterns, captivating cats' attention and stimulating their natural hunting instincts.

Interactive Play: These toys are designed to encourage active play and engagement between cats and their toys. They may incorporate features like sensors that respond to a cat's movements, initiating a game or triggering specific actions. This interactive element enhances a cat's mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Adjustable Speed and Modes: Many Smart Motion Cat Toys offer adjustable speed settings and multiple modes to cater to different play preferences and energy levels of cats. This versatility allows customization and ensures continued interest by offering various play styles and challenges.

Timer and Auto-Shutoff: To conserve battery life and prevent overstimulation, several smart toys have built-in timers or automatic shut-off features. These settings enable the toy to operate for a specified duration and then power down, promoting healthy play habits and preventing excessive playtime.

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